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TITLE: After a Natural Disaster
ASSIGNMENT: Come up with a plan, after a natural disaster destroys your city
DATE: March 2017

This project was completed with Utsav Chadha and Danni Huang.


We chose to tackle this project in three different ways.

The first section of the presentation focuses on our own proposed approach to a disaster-response protocol.  It is the result of our own brainstorming without any context.

The second section details an actual scouting we conducted of the surrounding area of our proposed location at the time of the disaster. We went to see what resources are actually in the area and may be available to us in the event of emergency.

The third section explores New York City, in terms of existing infrastructure for disaster response and preparation. We were interested in seeing how prepared the entire city is at the current point in time.

CATEGORY: Doing Good is Good Business [DG]

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